Options for Employers

When you register with us, we send your free NEST strategy pack via email within an hour. The pensions reform will affect every employer in the country and the auto-enrolment could really benefit you. It is imperative to understand how the new legislation will affect you and impact your business.

NEST is not obligatory however, auto-enrolment is. If you already have a pension scheme set up then NEST doesn’t have to be used. It also has limitations that are unsuitable for certain companies but it is available to everyone and is a preferable choice.

It’s important to know about the potential increase in cost and managing them is a key part of your management.

If you have a pension scheme already in place and you are paying a reasonable amount towards it, there will be changes in administration and communication. If you have a low take up then you should consider how this would affect your finances.

Employers must be prepared for big changes if a pension scheme is not in place yet. You will need to take into account who needs auto-enrolling and when. This must be planned in advance to avoid stress and make the change smoother.

If your company already has a pension scheme, it may be a qualifying workplace section, if this is the case then there will only be small changes to admin and you will need to submit employees for auto-enrolment. You may need to take a scheme exemption test though so that employers can figure this out. The details are not finalised about this but new developments are always under the microscope in the field and the NEST strategy pack is available to all.

Submit your details for a free pack and we can email it over to you. Each pack informs you of the steps you need to take and the benefits and changes of the new system. An adviser is also at hand to answer any questions you may have.

Register for free, you are not obligated at all to follow our findings. Contact us for more info.

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