Options for employers having pension scheme

The time to auto-enrol is nearing so you will need to understand what you are obliged to do. We can help you with this.

You will want to know how much this new legislation will cost your business and when it will affect you. You may want to know how to remain compliant as your business my already have a pension scheme.

We are here to advise you on changes:

  • Does my existing scheme meet auto-enrolment requirements?
  • If not, how can this be changed and at what cost?
  • Is the scheme you have at the moment suitable?
  • How will you manage auto-enrolment?
  • What are the alternatives to NEST?
  • How will auto-enrolment affect your current scheme?

You should review your current scheme as you may find that the changes of auto-enrolment affect your business in a big way. You will need to make sure that your scheme is suitable for you and reasonably priced.

Once you’ve auto-enrolled, you must check your existing scheme with your current provider as they may decide to alter their terms after auto-enrolment.

There is a NEST strategy pack that is a guide for employers. You can register for it to be emailed to you or to speak to an advisor.

You may want to plan in advance to get used to the new changes and we are available to contact for any more info you may need.

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