Options for Employers

Simply register with us to receive your free Pension Auto-enrolment strategy pack via email within an hour. The pensions reform will affect every employer in the country and our free auto-enrolment guide is a must.

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Pension Scheme

Auto-enrolment is important to start planning if you don’t have a pension scheme in place. It may affect your business because of the rising cost for employers.

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Workplace Pensions Summary

The laws for workplace pensions are changing and each employer in the UK will be required to comply with new legislation starting 2017.

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Automatic enrolment

By 2017 all UK employees must be auto-enrolled into a qualifying workplace pension scheme.

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Existing Pensions That Qualify

An NEST pension is not at all obligatory and you should always remember this. Any eligible employee must be auto-enrolled into a scheme by the company because that is what the law requires.

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Company Pension Advice

We provide independent and unbiased information and advice on workplace pensions and pension auto enrolment to UK employers.

We have an end to end solution to ensure a business can put in place a suitable workplace pension and auto-enrolment strategy in advance of their staging date.

Every business in the UK will be affected by April 2017 at the latest. For the first time in the UK new legislation dictates that all employers will need to contribute towards their employee’s pensions and all companies will need to automatically enrol eligible employees into the pension scheme.

Existing pension schemes can be used as long as they “qualify” or alternatively employers can introduce a new arrangement to meet their obligations. This can be an industry pension, such as a Group Personal Pension or something like the National Employment Savings Trust or NEST.

It can take between 9 and 18 months to prepare for auto-enrolment. TISCO Financial Planning are specialists in this field and have already helped thousands of employees through the process.